Upala Chakra blends are an alchemical creation comprised of pure essential oils, crystal and precious stone vibration, Sekhem living light energy and pure love intention.  Each blend is created while chanting a mantra or intention of that which resonates with the energy centre that is being blended for. This is practiced in all of the products that I create. The water based chakra aura mists are placed within a crystal singing bowl based on the note for that chakra while it is being played.

 Sekhem is a hands on/off energetic healing modality that is similar to that of Reiki in its' usage of symbols yet its' roots of lineage go back into ancient Egyptian times.  The energy is drawn down through the crown chakra and rooted into the Earth where it is once again cultivated and drawn up and out through the hands.  Sekhem is very closely connected to the energy of Sekhmet, the lion headed goddess, who breaks down ego and illusion.  This energy connects heaven to earth.

 These blends are created to help open and activate the chakras, our vital energy centres, each carrying its' own consciousness and divine blueprint.  It is through these doorways that we are able to come back to our truth, our essence.  To remember who we are.

 Upala Chakra Mists are intentionally formulated to activate, resonate and harmonize with each energy center that is has been created for.  A multipurpose product that can be used on the body, around the aura, within a space, on yoga mats or practice rugs.  I use crystal singing bowls and an "OM" tuning fork in the creation of these lovely sprays as water holds energy and intention.  Contains pure spring water, charged with quartz crystals, floral waters, pure essential oils and gem essences that resonate with the chakra at hand. Experiencing the full range within a chakra balancing session is a must!  

Available in 10 chakras, including Earth Star, High Heart and Soul Star. 120mls for $22-24

 Upala Massage and Bath Nectar are a sensual experience for the body, mind and soul.  Used as an anointing oil, for massage,  or for a silky bath experience...or even mix it with some sea salt for a delicious body scrub. These blends take the chakra pures to another level with the addition of precious and rare absolutes enveloped in a nurturing blend of organiccarrier oils of apricot kernel and golden jojoba. 

10 blends available, including High Heart, Soul Star and Earth Star.

 50ml size in glass amber bottles for $24

Upala Pure Chakra blends are very potent as they are pure, undiluted essential oils. They are meant to be used in an aromatherapy diffuser, water bowl diffuser with candle burner or a nebulizer, thereby creating a beautiful aromatic and energetic ambiance.  This is a very effective way of using these blends as a very small amount goes a long way and it is really about connecting with the energetic, emotional and etheric bodies through the aromatic energetics of these oils.  they can also be used to anoint the chakra centre during a chakra re-balancing session or one drop on the hands of the healer during energy work.  Perfect for yoga studios, healers and bodyworkers, chakra work, intentional gatherings and ceremony and for creating sacred space.  Add a small amount to a carrier oil for a single session of anointing. Only available in 5ml glass amber bottles. $25   

These blends are available in a jojoba dilution for $15 each for direct application to the skin without you having to do the mixing yourself. Please contact me at upalabotanicals@gmail.com to order these.

Do not use these undilutedoils topically if you are pregnant or on children under 12 years of age. 

I have been using aromatheraputic blended oils for at least 16 yrs now. Yours were truly divine. The scents were beautiful and were very consciously created - I could tell. They were such a pleasure to work with and I look forward to trying some others very soon! Keep up the 'good' work, the world needs more companies like yours.

Peace, Love and Light,
Sheridan Cass  BC, Canada