Upala Botanicals was created with the belief that, to be truly healthy and whole, we must honor our body, mind and spirit as one. Balance is the key to true harmony within all areas of our life and it always starts with the self. As Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see" and so it all starts right here, within ourself. 

Upala is dedicated to creating products that nurture the body, mind and spirit using all natural ingredients blended with love and pure intention. Combining the beauty of Mother Earths gifts of nature with the power of energetic healing from source to create an offering for your journey through this life. 

Upala is a sanskrit word for precious stone. Crystals and gemstones each have different energetic properties that are incorporated into these alchemical creations along with the incredible healing properties of pure essential oils, organic herbal extracts, pure, quartz charged spring water, floral waters, gem essences and flower essences.

Masuro Emoto's studies of the effects of our feelings and thoughts on the structure of water have invoked a profound shift in the alchemy of the Upala line.  Healing mantras associated with each creations intention are chanted during the creation of this and all of our products.  I also complete them with a harmonic sound vibration bath of an "OM" biosonic tuning fork.  When you fully realize that we are mostly made up of water, it allows us the opportunity to be more gentle and loving with each emotion, each thought, each environment we surround ourselves with. 

A beautiful set of crystal singing bowls showed up in my life recently and I am bringing their magic into all of the aura mists based on each chakra, as well as the Liquid Smudge. They are such an incredible addition to the energetic healing aspects of these products.




A little bit about me...Kaia

2001 - Certified Aromatherapist, training via Michael Scholes, Montreal, Quebec

2004 - 250 Hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training, Moksana, Victoria, BC

2004 - Level One Reiki training and Attunement, Edward Howell, Nova Scotia

2007 - Sekhem Level One training, Initiation and Attunement, Rasma Bertz, Helen Belot lineage, Salt Spring Island, BC 

2007-2008 - Kundalini Dance Facilitator Training, w/ Leyolah Antara, California & Vancouver, BC

2008 - Sekhem Level Two Training, Initiation and Attunement, SSI, BC

2009 - Sekhem Advanced, Training, Initiation and Attunement, SSI, BC

2011 - Raw Chef Certification and apprenticeship, Rawsome Living Foods, w/ Jim Maurice, Salt Spring Island, BC

2012 - 500 Hr Yoga teacher training, Moksha, Victoria , BC

2012 - Grandmothered into Inner Journeys as an ecstatic dance facilitator and trainer 

2013 - Dance Temple Collective Member and ecstatic dance facilitator, Salt Spring island

2014 - Numa Somatic Breathwork Facilitator Training, Victoria, BC

2015 - Reiki, Level 2, Training and Attunement, Edward Howell, Nova Scotia 

2015-2017 - The Alchemy of Herbal Medicine,  Certification, Intermediate and Clinical Training, Seraphina Capranos, Salt Spring Island, BC

2021 - Reiki Master Training and Attunement, Joanne Stuart/Richard Rivard, Salt Spring Island, BC