LIQUID SMUDGE  has been created as an alternative to using traditional sage smoke smudging for clearing spaces and beings of any negative energy that may be present. This is a very effective technique that has been used throughout time by Indigenous tribes around the world in various forms.

This offering is presently being used by energy workers, massage therapists, breathworkers, yoga teachers, shamans, ecstatic dance facilitators and others to create an energetically clear space for our intentions and positive energy to flow with ease and grace.

 Liquid smudge is created using pure, quartz crystal charged spring water, organic white and desert sage essential oils and a touch of selenite gem essence.  Masuro Emoto's studies of the effects of our feelings and thoughts on the structure of water have invoked a profound shift in the alchemy of the Upala line.  Healing mantras are changed during the creation of this and all other creations.  They are completed with a harmonic sound vibration bath of an "OM" biosonic tuning fork.

You can find it through our online store.

Contraindications: epilepsy

If you live in the city of Vancouver, you can find Liquid Smudge at Banyen Books and Sound on West 4th Ave.  

AURA MIST is the newest addition to the Upala family.  Ever since I first experienced Palo Santo at my Kundalini Dance Facilitator training, I fell in LOVE.  It put me in an instant state of centered remembrance. When I discovered it in it's essential oil form...well...Aura Mist was born!! This is a true alchemy of minerals and their physical and energetic form. Palo Santo, "holy wood",  holds a significant place in the shamanic practices of parts of South America. The oil may assist in meditative practices and work in harmony with the pineal gland, or "third eye". Intentionally formulated to protect and clear the aura while allowing the light body to anchor and connect with our physical body.  Remember the radiant being of light that you are!      

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