How Sekhem works...

Sekhem has a depth and penetration that goes into all areas of the body, mind and spirit and it can be used for any person, any animal, any situation, any crisis and any part of the planet.

You set your intention for the use of this energy and what you ask for is what you a practitioner it is my responsibility to help you get the words right or allow you to just feel the wishes of your heart.

As a healing tool, you can use it to relax and reduce stress, or work on deep level pain/ injury/ emotional/ trauma issues. It helps to cut through blockages and negativity with great ease, allowing you to feel loved, cared for and nurtured.

Sekhem is very gentle, yet ultra powerful in what it delivers to the individual. It is a beautiful energy that can transform your life.

Sekhem is about keeping our balance in daily life as we clear out emotions and the controlling mind; reducing stress, staying centred, enjoying life and experiencing the joy of our inner well-being, and thus being a positive mirror for our environment, world and universe.


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For a Sekhem Distance Healing session, please click the 'Buy Now' link below.  I will contact you to book a specific time for your session and ask you some information regarding your intention for your session.  

Sekhem Distance Healing Session

$ 55 CAD

1 Hour (minimum) Sekhem Distance Healing session. This session may take place while you are sleeping, depending on what part of the world you are in, or during your waking hours.