I've used the Upala Botanical Chakra Oil blends in my massage practice (Co-Creative Healing Arts) for the past 9 years, they are the best I've ever used, and I've been using essential oils and essential oil blends for 17 years. 

Kaia is a Master Alchemist (among other things), and it shows in her products.

Edward Howell, RMT and Founder- Mosaic Reiki Ryoho, Nova Scotia, Canada


I often spray the throat chakra mist on my pillow before going to sleep at night. Its gift to me is a subtle clarity of communication and connection both in waking and during my dream time. Kaia is a gifted alchemist and each one of her products are charged with energy, both palpable and invisible. The Upala range of products offer healing graced with beauty, integrity and love... what more could one ask for!! Thank you!

Laura Roveda - Saori Weaver and Teacher, LA, California

Subtle fragrances that capture the essence of one's heart, mind, spirit, and soul. An aromatherapy line that is more than just a scent. It is the essence of all that we are. Life.

Chris G - Life Coach, Salt Spring Island, BC

I doused myself with the manipura chakra spray when I was taking business classes. It helped to focus my energy on that will center. And smelt great! And the heart chakra oil in the bath is sublime - probably my second favourite way to relax at the end of the day, besides a cup of tea ;

Samantha W - SSI, BC

I started using Upala Earth Star as my preferred 'scent' about a year ago. I add the essential oil to my own blended perfume; I use the mist daily and enjoy the massage oil in my baths. My work often takes me deep into the earth to connect, communicate and clear stuck energy. Earth Star helps me ground down deeper. I believe it has also helped me connect better to my own deep issues so they can be better processed. I know that the Earth Star essence was a stabilizing influence throughout my medical and housebuilding journey this past year. I say this often - I am truly glad to be the 'animal' these products have been tested on. I am also so grateful to know, learn from and teach you, Kaia, and I know your alchemy skills can take you to even higher levels of magic. Well done, you!

Rasma Bertz, Sekhem Practitioner and Master Teacher, England, UK

I have been using aromatherapeutic blended oils for at least 16 yrs now. Yours were truly divine. The scents were beautiful and were very consciously created - I could tell. They were such a pleasure to work with and I look forward to trying some others very soon! Keep up the 'good' work, the world needs more companies like yours.

Peace, Love and Light,
Sheridan Cass, Healing Practitioner,  BC, Canada

... we bought a few of your products and I used them almost daily! Thank you for blending magic in a bottle! Not only does it have an immediate impact on the senses it also allows me to take a brief moment and focus on the chakra it enhances! It also reminds me to stay grounded and awake!

Ian - Victoria, Canada

I've been using the yoga mat cleanser for a few years now -- it's almost gone but a little goes a long way. However I could not find another mister I use and used the mat spray on me yesterday. It was just what I needed to "cleanse" my mind into a new gear;-) Thank you Kaia for being you and making these lovely, healing olfactory sensations!

Nomi L- Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Performer, SSI, BC


The Liquid Smudge you've created has made it easy  (and smoke free ) to smudge my clients, my work space and myself. Am very glad to suggest to every one who's lifestyle includes  smudging, to try the Liquid Smudge.
 with love and gratitude,  

Carlos Ramirez, Healing Practitioner, Salt Spring Island, BC


 "Thank you Upala. Your salt scrubs are a sensuous, invigorating practice that leaves ones skin glowing, refreshed & alive. The massage oils are exquisitely sumptuous while being subtly attuned to the chakra energies - a beautiful balance between the physical & the spirit."   

Karen, Artist & Buyer, Vancouver, BC 


Liquid Smudge."It freshens everything it touches and everything it touches freshens."

I use liquid smudge as a personal scent and it feels like a cleanse.  I feel elevated and completely ready for the next dimension of life unfolding.

Thank you for creating such an epic product created with such intention and love. 

Goran R.   Kauai, HI USA

It is indeed very rare to find something that is made with care and love in this day and age when most goods are manufactured as quickly and unhealth-conciously as possible. Upala oils are created with not only amazing ingredients such as incredible organic essential oils but they are created with loving intention and crystal energy. Kaia is a master blender when  it comes to essential oils, she knowingly blends oils to aid Chakra points and to assist in massage, meditation and relaxation. Knowing Kaia as a dear friend, I can assure that everything she does is pure and from the heart. My personal experience with Upala oils has been magical. I use the Chakra line of oils during yoga to assist in chakra opening and awareness. These oils are very pure and I had no problem using them during pregnancy. I am so sensitive to conventional perfumes and chemically derived scents, these are the only oils that I can wear with no irritation or ill-effects. Upala oils are a treat to the senses, body and mind. I recommend them to anyone seeking a healing line of massage or essential oil blends. Thank-you Kaia for putting your heart and soul into such amazing creations!

Namaste~Tiffany ~Ontario, Canada

Last year, a friend and I went to the Ganges Saturday market and were about to leave when we came upon your table. We both purchased Liquid Smudge and really enjoyed it. I was talking to my Mom who told me that my niece was terrified as she and her boyfriend were being bothered by a lost spirit in their rental place. Turned out that an older gentleman had died there and wasn't going to the other side. I took her my Liquid Smudge and instructed her to spray liberally throughout the place while telling the spirit to go in peace and leave them in peace. After doing this, they were no longer bothered by his presence and have felt peace in their home since!  Thank you for this wonderful product! 

Jane, Canmore, AB