Journey into the Dance

 Upala was a concept that was birthed many years 2001, to be exact.  The connection between the vibration of the essential oils and stones with the energetic gateways of the chakas felt like such a natural synergy to me.  I had been practicing yoga for years and was just getting into Kundalini Yoga at the time of the Upala concept when I went through some huge shifts in my personal life that left me questioning everything.  It was through this experience that I began to explore the idea of movement as therapy without having to get caught up in a storyline.  I rediscovered my love of dance and found Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms.  I was living in the city of Montreal at the time and was feeling the call to go west.  I needed to commune with nature and with the sacredness of the land of the west coast.  I knew that I was being called to the dance and to heal from the untimely loss of my Dadand this was where I would find the first path on my journey.

In 2007 and 2008, I trained with Leyolah Antara, the creator of Kundalini Dance.  I completed my training as a certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator and have been holding sessions and series on Salt Spring Island, BC since the spring of 2008.  Kundalini Dance is a transformational fusion of rhythmic breathwork, ecstatic dance, trance energy, shamanic healing and sound are used as keys to enter into the body/mind consciousness to gain insight and healing for body-mind and soul. The chakra system is used as a journey map for the session. 

In the winter of 2012, I was Grandmothered into Inner Journeys dance collective and created a new dance map for embodiment and healing called Spirit Moves, Journey through the Elements, which focused more on the elements of nature, in and around the body. 

I am presently holding Spirit Moves Conscious Dance ceremonies: Elemental Journey, Chakra Journey and Honoring the Directions~Dancing the Wheel, on Salt Spring Island, BC. 


I am so grateful for Kaia's Facilitation of the spirit moves series. It seemed to flow from her with such ease, depth and focus. The series felt so complete, with each class building on the energy of the last. The atmosphere Kaia created was so essential to the experience, allowing us to feel safe and free in our individual expression, and her music and timing was amazing!! I felt as though these 5 weeks dancing with Kaia created a framework for inner work that flowed into and enriched the rest of my life. ~Vidya

"I used to be afraid to dance, to move. I struggled to be present and at home in my own body. Within the safe & expansive space of Kaia's voice and guiding breath i birthed myself through the fire. I finally know what it feels like to let it all go, to shake it all out, to be free of judgment from myself and from others. I am forever grateful for taking the risk and to Kaia for holding space, for witnessing me. Thank you Kaia for being my midwife." -Aviva




"To me, dance is life. It is the truth at my core.  It is the language of my spirit and it is one that all can understand for it is one that we all share, when we are willing to surrender over to it.  To speak the language of dance is to speak to the very essence of life itself.  It is the energy that moves us, that animates us, that breathes in and out, that dreams and loves and creates.  In the dance, I cannot hide where I am at.  It draws “me” out, it gives us the mirror to see our reflection in the way that we move, that we don't move, where we may feel resistance. The dance is the medicine to heal my soul through the freedom that it offers to just be.  That is...if, in fact, we are dancing for ourselves.  For when we truly dance for ourselves and not for the purpose of "show" or ego...then we can access that innocence within, that core of light that has been there forever and will continue to be.  We can let it play and remember how much love it has to give...and to receive.  We can drop those masks and shine once again, the way we have always meant to.  The dance is the key to the doorway that opens to reveal such beauty's the force that can push through that dam that we have build to hold back those emotions that, over our lifetime, have created a lake of tears that long to be shed, only to reveal the fertility underneath that has been waiting to come was covered all along. And now there is flow and freedom and joy and ecstasy.  Our birthright."