Yoga Mat Spray has been created to help protect from unwanted bacteria, fungus and viruses that all too often like to hang around on the yoga mats long after the class is over.  for those times that you have to use a communal mat, this spray is must have.  Just spray over the surface of the mat and let dry for about a minute, it's really fast.  No need to rinse.  It's also wonderful for your own mats to keep them fresh and clean. 

 This spray is presently being used in and sold by yoga studios and is a great tool for many yogis and yoginis throughout their practice.  It's also fabulous natural air freshener and actually facilitates deeper breathing.  You can also use this spray as a natural, non-drying hand sanitizer. 

 Yoga mat spray is created using organic lavender and lemongrass hydrosol, witch hazel, and a highly effective combination of organic and wild crafted essential oils including tangerine, lime, sweet orange, thyme and pine, that are all antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal.  Charged with clear quartz which accelerates and amplifies the intention of the product.

 120mls  $17   

If you live in Vancouver, you can find Yoga Mat Spray at Banyen Books and Sound on West 4th Ave.